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Serving Fremont, North Bend and the surrounding Eastern Platte Valley Area in Nebraska

"Together we transform the lives of low-income homeowners by improving the safety and health of their homes and revitalizing our communities."

What our clients are saying:

"I can't begin to thank your organization for all you have done for me and my house.  It would never have gotten done had you not helped me.  The electrical work, the insulation and the paint gives me a new outlook on life!  My deepest appreciation for all you do and stand for."  - Mary

"I love the work and courtesy from your Rebuilding Together people.  I believe it helped save me from falling and others too, that come to visit!  The work improves our home and neighborhood.  Thank you again for your organization and good work.  I also love the rug you gave me.  I'll sure let others know!  God bless you all again."  - Elinor

"We want to thank you all for the excellent job you did on mom's ramp and deck. She enjoys it a lot! It has made her life happier and more enjoyable as she can be outside, which she loves being able to see her flowers. The ramp has made it easier to get to a vehicle." - Daughter of Bernice

Home ownership is a cornerstone of the American Dream and a fundamental asset to the health and continued vibrancy and growth of communities across the country.  No homeowner enters into their new home with the idea that they will have to forgo basic home maintenance.  However, illness, aging, the rising cost of healthcare, prescriptions, food and fuel, the loss of a job or growing families can force good people to make difficult choices.

Rebuilding Together, Platte Valley East, Inc. helps to restore safe and healthy conditions to neglected homes.  We offer accessibility modifications for those who would like to remain in their homes as they age or after life-altering disabilities.  The assistance that we offer with the help of our generous supporters, coupled with the work of our volunteers, can bring hope and health to individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities.  Home by home, block by block, the fabric of an entire community can be changed.  We specialize in rebuilding physical homes, but our ultimate goal is to rebuild people who simply need someone to help out in a difficult time.

Many people have worked hard all of their lives and have been able to make the needed repairs and modifications to their homes on their own.  When circumstances make that impossible, we can help.  Through our extensive network of volunteers and donors, we make repairs and modifications that improve the health, safety and independence of our families, friends and neighbors.  We serve senior citizens, single parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, people with disabilities, families with children, veterans and children caring for their elderly parents. 

For more information, please call us at 402-727-7047.

To qualify for assistance from Rebuilding Together, you must:

1) Be a low-income homeowner that meets the income guidelines outlined on the application.

2) Be 62 years of age or older OR permanently disabled OR a family with children living at home.

3) Currently own and occupy the home for which the work is to be done.

4) Intend on remaining in your home for a period of no less than 2 years after the project.

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